Impact Molde – small villages & circle economies.


Imagine how much impact a small group of people can have! Imagine that the world as you know it is changing in front of our eyes – for the worse and for the better. Crises manifest fast and most of the time to our surprise. The character of change has accelerated and changed its dynamic. Nowadays, even the good stuff will have the embodied impulse of manifestation faster than you think. Miracles? Magic? No, not at all! The impact of people living apart and united in spirit: a deep commitment of driving positive impact for humanity.

For us an Impact Journey is an act of traveling from one place to another, coming into contact with- and having a positive (in)direct effect on someone and the environment. Hereby the process of change and development is key, with an emphasis on aftercare.

The creative capital – the social capital – in synergy with social media with impact Facebook and Google Plus give the free change agents and social entrepreneurs the tools to connect, to write, to tell, to share and to the impact of synergies beyond our common sense.

It is the new stories of connecting people. It is an co-creation of a web of hashtags of what works.
It is a togetherness from all paths of life:

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Molde – a small city in Norway – had its impact webast in July. It is part of the Nordic Impact Summer 2016, accelerated into a crescendo during The Nordic Impact Week in San Francisco – Oakland – Silicon Valley and Bay, 10-16th September 2016. Molde is just one city among many – nothing special as such. Still very unique and important. All small cities, villages and growthpoints are! How and what can we learn?

The Impact Molde Model – a city as a Learning Stage.
1. A city festival as a stage to leverage the idea of “YES, we are a city of circular economy!”
The Molde International Jazz Festival is a showroom and a learning stage for creative and social capital, leverage with frivillighet.
2. Run with business operating already in Circular Economy – normal garbage problems to be solved, and a municipality level.
3. Kick-start – partnership across industries and sectors
4. Take a lead in trend industries like fashion- and sportswear.
5. Food – zero wast policy – make people join and to create conscious relationship to seeds and the deeper values of our food systems.
6. Play along with the leading sports association in the city, define commitment for participation.
7. Have meetings and use free social media.
8. Start a training network on Social Media
9. Go commercial – go fun – go trend!
10 Let it be “space” to improvise and to let people take a lead – take part – for dynamic feeling of “we do not know it all”.

We welcome to share your perspectives, to improve on this list and to take part in the high-speed-acceleration of Circular Economy through global pop-cultur, football and the happy joy of a village celebration.

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