Circular Economy and 360coins




One of the first time i heard about Circular Economy was in 2002 and in the context of the New industrial Economy for China.  This was a few years after the first seeds of 360hub Global was planted in the dry sand of Egypt, litterally as a learning event at the new Library of Alexandria in 2002. With the building’s  circular shape and historical reference to Greek heritage this iconic building gave inspiration  to rethink, redefine and restructure perspectives of wealth and growth. Greek words like oikos, ecology, economy and even Gaia became the  DNA of 360hub Global. The History of Money has its anchor in the bedrock of the hunan civilzation along the trading-hubs along the Silk Road and coins was in itself an industrial innovation for humanity.

This is how the story of 360coins and its system innovation starts anew in the paradigme a true global economy with nature as a our capital and assets, multiplied with the intentions and efforts to quantum leap from linear to a Circular Economy. The 360coins are designed with the purpose to close the loop and to give true value to humans as well as nature. It is due time for humanity to put  ecology before economy and it is payback time!

Every living being is connected intimately, and from this intimacy follows the capacity of identification and as its natural consequences, practice of non-violence… Now is the time to share with all life on our maltreated Earth through the deepening identification with life forms and the greater units, the ecosystems, and Gaia, the fabulous, old planet of ours. ”  ~Arne Naess

On this link you find more info aabout the Arne Næss Project and Deep Ecology.


Economy must be made subservient to ecology if we want to continue our life on Earth as a healthy, embedded global human society. Economy based on principles of a conscious universe’s mature ecosystems, including that of our bodies, becomes Ecosophy. We know deep in our hearts and souls that this must be done; all we need is the courage to lead the way for all!” ~ Elisabet Sathouris 


Here more information on cosmology, philosophy and science of Ecosophy


The ocean is comprised of drops of water; each drop is an entity and yet it is a part of the whole; ‘the one and the many.’ In this ocean of life, we are little drops. My doctrine means that I must identify myself with life, with everything that lives… — Gandhi


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